We have a selection of imported and unique light deco and crystal lighting from Bali, Vietnam, and Thailand  with a variety range such as floor lamp, table lamp, pendant lights, chandelier and the latest LED technology to create the best ambient for your comfort.

Fabric Curtain

High-quality custom window treatments, unique fabrics and trims, window hardware, blinds and shades can be found here and with almost 2000 choices to form a warm and unique atmosphere with creative and innovative design.

Customized Dining Set

Dining tables with exclusive and unique design can be both powerful and elegant at the same time. With our wide range of materials such as laminates, veneer and solid wood, satisfaction is definitely yours when you can personally design your own exclusive dining set.

Customized Furniture

The whole idea with customized furniture design is to have a piece that never replicates and ordinary items and captures your flair for innovative design exclusivity. With free designer advice, you'll get to know how to custom towards practicality and suitable to your needs with affordable price.

Customized Cabinets

The versatility of a fitted wardrobe is another bonus over a free standing wardrobe. Accessories like shoe pull out units and drawers can be added at any stage and we can also incorporate internals designs that can be adapted to suit the family needs as it grows and change.

Designer Sofa

Price is always measured by quality and material such as fiber, high density foam, feather and even high grade latex. If you think that you are paying something more that the other normal sofa, then you are getting the worth of price paid in terms of quality and uniqueness.


The emphasis is on functionality and beauty with more than 3000 choices of multiple material options. Add on accessories such as electronic drawer and tipmotion system will transform your kitchen to be more than a kitchen.

Deco Item And Carpet Selection

For all the items that give a space character and help to warm up your home or apartment, our selection of exclusive and unique decorative items from India, Bali, Europe, Singapore and Vietnam will do the work for you.